Friday, August 26, 2016

The dreadful Indonesian haze is back with us again!

This picture was taken from my flat around 11am. It was 70 psi and is rather bad for the health. Year after year, we are being choked with this unhealthy haze which comes from Indonesia. As Singapore is a small country, we can't do anything about the situation. The Indonesians aren't happy if we protest. As the Indonesian VP once said we should thank them for the 11 months of fresh air they have given us and we shoudn't get upset because of the 1 month of here to read more.
It's unfortunate we have to depend our neighbours for our basic survival. We are depending on Malaysia for drinking water and Indonesia for the air we breathe...*sigh*

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Visually handicapped but never give up

To be sick or physically handicapped is a terrible thing. With my backache, I am limited to certain activities only. I wonder how the physically disabled feel about life. It must be miserable.
There is an old guy who would wait at the bus stop in front of my block every weekday to guide his blind son home. This visually handicapped man worked somewhere in AMK and he commutes by bus. He is about 47 years old.
One day, I happened to be at the same bus stop and I befriended the old guy. I asked him about his son and was told that he has been blind since birth. Good grief, I thought to myself how could his son go on living without his sight for so long.
There are many unfortunate people in this world. When compared to them, I think we should be contented with what we have.

My brunch and dinner

Since I've not been leaving the house for the last few days due to backache, I am also eating less especially the hawker food. In a way it's good because my weight will go down.
By 1 pm today, I only ate some fruits and the above French toasts with a bit of whipped cream. Still, I am not feeling hungry....perhaps due to the backache. Will see what's cooking for dinner.....

Yes, this is my dinner comprising of a fried egg, mushrooms and slices of ginger pork and of course a bowl of Japanese rice. Still have not set foot outside of my flat.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Home prepared meals

Had spaghetti carbonara for lunch and grilled salmon + fried omelette and rice for dinner. Still having this nagging backache. Hopefully, I will recover by tomorrow. The arm is fine now.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Arm injured while exercising

Just a day before my back was injured, my left arm was injured too. This injury was due to weight lifting. I didn't do heavy weight lifting but just the usual repetitive light weight type. Still on and off, I have this pain. Looks like I have to stop most of my exercises. I think as one grows older, one has to go slow on exercises.
There were 2 IFS who were super fit. One was a martial art exponent and the other was a marathoner. Both were 11 years younger than me and yet fell into a coma. One is still in a coma while the other one was gone.
My ex colleague who was a super golfer also had a heart attack and died at age 68.
I thank God for the good health which I have taken for granted. I think He is trying to tell me not to go exercising like the way I do.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Muscle pull, feeling bad.

Had a back muscle pull this morning. Trying to rest as much as I can so the pain could go away. I remember 12 years ago, I had the same problem but it was worse. I consulted a Chinese physician and had cupping as well as acupuncture done. It took a week before I was cured. If the situation deteriorates, I have to consult the physician again.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Blog neglected due to Rio 2016 Olympics

Been busy with work and watching the Olympics, I have neglected this blog. Last night men's double badminton final match between Malaysia and China was exciting. In the pulsating match, China beat Malaysia narrowly to win the gold medal. I can imagine how disappointed the Malaysian fans were.
I still remember great badminton players like Wong Peng Soon, Rudy Hartono and others during my younger days. These were the giants of the great sport. By the way, I do not play badminton but merely a fan of the sport.
Table tennis is another sport that I like. Although not a big fan of swimming, I like watching it live on TV especially the event won by Joseph Schooling a couple of days ago. Schooling make us proud to have won the Rio Olympic gold medal. This is the only gold ever won by a Singaporean. I think Schooling can win more gold medals for Singapore in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Fire gutted CK Building in Tampines


More here

Many are claiming Joseph Schooling as theirs.

"Everyone now wants to claim credit on Joseph Schooling's Olympic gold medal. The Americans say Schooling was trained there. Malaysians say his mum is from Ipoh. British claimed his great grandfather was from Britain. Portugal claimed his great grandmother was Portuguese- Eurasian. China claimed he was 1/2 Chinese.
But the best part comes from Philippines. They say he is brought by his Filipino maid "

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Relocating cats and breakfast at OldTown White Coffee

Had a busy morning relocating cats to Japan. After that had breakfast at OldTown, a Malaysian food/drinks cafe. The kopi was nowhere near Toast Box's and the prawn mee and laksa was a big disappointment.
Price was also a killer ($17.40).

Toast Box's kopi is better than OldTown

Not satisfied with the so-so OldTown kopi and food, we proceeded to the Toast Box for our kopi/chicken chop and Hainanese set lunch. Price was reasonable ($12).
Phew! Toast Box didn't disappoint us, good as usual.