Monday, March 27, 2017

Mee Rebus Set and a chat at Toast Box

I was at Toast Box and ordered the Mee Rebus set. It was quite pricey at $7.30c. The Mee was not as soft as I expected but the gravy and coffee O was as good as before.
I knew the cleaner Ah San who at one time was working at a coffee shop nearby. We chatted for a while. San is 65 years old but his movement was quite slow. He told me he would be quitting end of the year. He is a cancer survivor.
As San and I was chatting ( the place was quite deserted), another fellow, a customer, joined in our conversation. He told us he was 75 years old and he looked fit and trimmed. When asked what was he working in his younger days, he replied he was a fisherman. His fitness was due to the hard he had to endure as a fisherman, he told us.
The food, atmosphere and people at Toast Box was nice. I enjoyed every bit of my time there this afternoon.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Our Sunday lunch@ home

A nice quiet lunch at our place. Basically it is Washoku or Japanese. The fish was selar which we bought from Chong Pang this morning. We got 4 fishes at $1.50c each. We did not deep fried the fish but just fried in light oil. We had a bowl of miso soup (not in the picture). We bought the organic miso from the local supermarket at  $5.50 (400gm).

Japanese Noodles and Octopus Balls

Above was the Ramen we had at Hakata Station before leaving Japan. This is Kyushu Char Siew Ramen with thicker soup than the Tokyo Ramen. The bottom picture was that of Takoyaki or octopus balls. Both items were tasty except that I prefer the Tokyo Shoyu Ramen. You won't believe that the 6 Takoyaki balls cost only 100 Yen or $1.25c. The Ramen was Y1,000 or $12.50 per bowl.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Mee Goreng Set from Toast Box

I went shopping and came across this menu at Toast Box. I am not sure if it is a new item but I've never seen it before. Dying for my regular cup of coffee, I decided to try this "Mee Goreng Set" or Fried Noodle Set. It comes with a drink of your choice and I chose black coffee.
Fortunately, although a little spicy, the mee goreng and the coffee turned out to be good. So that's my dinner for today ($5.30).

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Soup,salad and bread----eat all you can

This was the soup,bread and salad buffet I had on my recent trip to Japan. Yes it was at the Volks Family Restaurant. The menu is still the same as the one on my last trip except that the price has gone up a bit. Nevertheless, the meal was substantial and worthwhile having (about $12).

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Sashimi and Chirashi Don

We bought the Sashimi and Chirashi Don from a supermarket in Fukuoka and had them for lunch. The seafood was super fresh and yummy. I can't remember how much my wife paid for them but rest assured they are relatively inexpensive.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Kopi shop talk,welcome back Mr Lim!

Ah Lim came back to the coffee shop to work again as a coffee barista (coffee maker). During his
break, he joined us for lunch. He left the coffee shop for about 2 years and is greatly missed by his customers. He has great skill in making coffee. When asked why he left, he told us his boss did not like him as he has a tendency to speak too loudly (that's what he told us).
We found from him a lady staff whom we knew as C has died of cancer . We also found out that the former coffee shop supervisor was sacked because she stole money. Since Lim is back, we are getting a lot of information from him regarding coffee shop matters.
Lim told us he is currently doing partime. He asked for $2,500 salary if the boss wants him back as a permanent staff. Naturally, Lim's boss declined as the standard salary for a coffee maker is around $1,500 per month.
We will see a lot more of Ah Lim at the coffee shop starting from today.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Angus Classic Bacon and Cheese

This McDonald's 100% Angus beef patty on a delicious bakery style sesame bun with two slices of savoury bacon and processed cheddar cheese and top it off with crisp red onions and crinkle-cut pickles.
I don't usually eat burgers  but this time I had it for dinner (meal) which included fries and a cup of black coffee. Good and a filling meal that cost $10.95 w/o upsizing.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Chicken Porridge lunch

We used the Emperor's chicken leftover to make the porridge. Tasted superb,credit to my wife. Quite a free day and the only time we stepped out of the house is to have dinner at a coffee shop nearby. Didn't take any photo of the dinner.