Thursday, September 29, 2016

Chong Pang Village Market

We were at the Chong Pang Market and decided to take a video of the place (part only) for our viewers.
The wet market selling fish,veggies,meat etc were closing because it was late morning and so we did not video it.
The shops selling clothing, bags, fruits and the hawker stalls were opened for business. Hope you will enjoy the video.

Today's meals

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Breakfast was fruits and lunch was Japanese. Dinner was a bowl of home prepared champon.
This afternoon we visited a friend's studio flat. She bought the flat from the HDB at $120,000.
This studio is about 500 sq ft in size and comes with a 30 year lease. We thought it was expensive even though it was a government subsidized property. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Breakfast and LG washer

After our pig's trotter and kway chup breakfast at Tampines St 11, we proceeded to Courts to buy the LG washer. We had one which lasted for more than 12 years. The one (Kuche) that replaced the 12 year old LG was unserviceable only after 1 year and 11 months. It came with a 1 year warranty whereas the Korean made LG came with a 2 year warranty. Below is the one (8kg) which we've ordered and will be delivered in 2 days time. Total cost including delivery is about $470.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Washing machine broke down again

Almost 10 days ago, I blogged about our washing machine (brand is Kuche) giving us headache. We got it repaired by a technician from the servicing agent. A piece of coin, I was told was the culprit. After that the washer worked for just one wash and it broke down again the very next day.
I tried contacting the servicing agent again but to no avail. After more than a week of hand washing our clothes, finally we managed to get the technician to come and have a look at it.
He told us  a part of the washer needs to be replaced. The cost is $200. This is ridiculous as it was not even 2 years old. We decided not to get it repaired. Tomorrow we will be looking for either a Japanese or Korean brand washing machine. Goodbye to German technology!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Going to be a wet Sunday. Rain started pouring around 7:30 am. I like the rain as it will cool down a what could be a hot and humid day. The rain also reminds me of my childhood. I love playing in the rain with my friends. My mother disapproved of it. She was worried that I may be struck by lightning. Therefore, somehow even till today I feel happy when it pours.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Of fishball noodles, kopi etc on a Saturday

Woke up early and long to have my breakfast of fishball noodles and kopi O. Was in a dilemma because the noodles stall is at a coffee shop and the kopi is at Toast Box. They are about  10 minutes apart from each other. I do not like the kopi O at the coffee shop. The kopi O is not worth drinking at all. So I rather walk another 10 minutes to Toast Box to have my kopi O. After that it's a 7 minute walk home.
An elderly lady at Toast Box told me that in the early days, most of the kopi sold at the heartland coffee shops were as good as the ones at Toast Box. I agreed with her because the standard of the kopi in the coffee shops have deteriorated over the years.
A few nights ago, I was invited by an elderly couple friends to dinner. Although they are wealthy people, they are unassuming and humble. Besides, they are very generous too. As usual, I always enjoy their company.
As of yesterday, Zika has infected 16 pregnant women in Singapore. However, according to the health authorities none of their unborn babies have microcephaly (babies born with smaller heads).
In total, there are currently 387 confirmed cases of people with Zika.
This year we are fortunate not to have the haze blown over from Indonesia. It usually occur around this time of the year. We are grateful to the Indonesian government for giving us the "opportunity" to breathe some fresh air.
It looks like we are going to have a warm humid Saturday. Hope we'll get some rain to cool down the temperature.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Affordable buffet lunch in Japan

The above YouTube video was uploaded by me. However,the photos and video of the food were WhatApps to me by my wife from Japan. She and her family visited this AVA restaurant recently. It's a "eat all you can" menu. She told me the food was good and the price was reasonable (Yen 1,500).

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Uncle left the chat group because of ........

I joined a WhatsApp chat group for senior citizens sometime ago. My aim is to share our thoughts and learn from one another regarding things like grand children, exercises, hobbies etc. Instead, I was quite shocked to see the old fellows posting nude women photos,videos, cracked dirty jokes and talked about sex. I felt disgusted that at our age (youngest member is 68) these old men are trying to show off their sexual prowess.
I am not trying to be self righteous but I think these old fellows should repent and think where their souls will be going after they kick the bucket. It won't be long because we are old. Some have passed away at a much younger age. If they are not religious, at the least they not should be talking things like sex. What are they trying to prove? Ha, it is a matter of time.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

This afternoon, I spent some time talking to an ex-colleague over the phone. It was quite a long chat. We do not communicate often because we have different interest. But our conversation is about his knee cap replacement operation. It was a somber conversation. He had just left the hospital a day ago.
This ex-colleague is a super fit person. He jogged and swam like nobody business. But of course, he can't even walk now. He told me he has to go for therapy a few times a week. The doctors told him it will take him 3 months to recover properly.
When one gets old, all kinds of illnesses will be waiting to inflict on us. His predicament is the result of his work. It is an occupational hazard for he had to walk and stand for a long period of time in the aircraft. At least we know that knee problem is not life threatening. Many crew suffered from strokes, heart attack, cancer of all sorts. Some don't make it while others lead poor quality of life.
I feel sad and hope I do not have to go through all those pain and sorrows. As a Christian I believe in the Rapture whereby we will be translated into another body, a heavenly body to meet the Lord Jesus in the air. This is the quickest and painless way to leave this world.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Good excuse for not flying to Japan

This was the coin that gave us the headache regarding the washing machine. It got stuck somewhere
near the coil and interfered with the spinning mechanism. The technician retrieved the coin and everything was fine. It cost me $60 and lots of inconveniences for that simple retrieving task.
Anyway, I had to wait for the technician this morning and so had the excuse of not going with my wife to Japan. She is visiting her parents. Flying or travelling is not my cup of tea, after all I've been flying for 35 years prior to my retirement. I prefer to stay at home.
The pictures (below) were sent to me today.