Monday, October 23, 2017

Was at Nex Mall in the evening and decided to have my dinner at Hot Tomato. Ordered the pork chop with sausages and pasta ($12.90 ++). It was a good meal but still not satisfied and so proceeded to KFC a few doors away and had the cheesy chicken meal set ($8.20). This KFC meal was really yummy and worth every cent I've paid for.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Brunch@ Block 473, Sengkang & dinner was chirashi don

We have been to this coffee shop before. The place has free wi-fi and is still as quiet as in 2016 when it first opened. The wanton mee is as good as before but it has increased by 30c a plate to $3.30c.
The breakfast toast set is now $2.50. The initial offer of $1.80 per set is gone.

Charashi don from Thomson Plaza

This was the first time we obento (tar pow) the chirashi don and ate it at home (above). It was $12.80, the same price as when we ate at the Sushiro Restaurant at Thomson Plaza. However, this time the sashimi were smaller pieces as compared to the last time we ate at the restaurant. Besides, the rice was hard and unlike Japanese rice.This would be the last time we would tar pow the chirashi don.

This was the chirashi don we had in the restaurant a few months ago

President Halimah Yacob & Qatari Amir


Friday, October 20, 2017

After yesterday's disappointment with the 453, Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 fried Hokkien mee, we went to Yi Ji at 805, Hougang Central and try their Hokkien mee. We had been there before and it was delicious but sad to say this time the mee was not as good. It has also raised a small plate (above) from $4 to $5. The cuttle fish and prawn were dried and tasteless. If not for the nice flavoured stock, the dish would have been a disaster.

I had the ice-kachang from the nearby Kopitiam. After a 10% discount (had to use a Kopitiam pre-paid card), it cost $2.25c. This dessert served here is not as good as it should be. These days, the hawker food are of lower standards as compared to the 1950s,60s and 70s. The modern hawkers only care about making money and not very bothered with the quality of the food they sell. I have come across Bangladeshis selling Chinese food and China men making roti prata. Therefore, one should not expect the hawker fare to be as good as say from Malaysia.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Tori soboro don

Tori soboro don is Japanese minced chicken meat with rice. My wife made it and added egg, red ginger and some seaweed. It is quite a sweet dish and my first time eating it. It is palatable and won't mind having it again.

Disappointing meals from Ang Mo Kio

Was at Blk 453 AMK Ave 5 hawker center and had the above fried Hokkien mee. It tasted different from the one we always eat whenever we were there. The cook is now a younger man and he is the son of the old cook (Mr Koh) whom we were told was too tired of frying the mee. No wonder, today's mee wasn't yummy. We will never again order the mee from this stall as long as the old man cook is not the one who fries the mee.

We tried the char kway teow next door. It was so so and was quite a disappointing evening for us. Won't recommend my readers to eat from these 2 stalls.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Breakfast was porridge at the newly opened restaurant in Chong Pang Village called Sin Heng Kee. The place is airconditioned unlike other porridge places in CPV. The restaurant is clean and spacious plus the prices are reasonable. Would recommended people who love porridge.

Dinner was at Toa Payoh Hub. Had yoon tau foo, nasi lemak and not forgetting the famous rojak at Gourmet Paradise. Had sugar cane and bandung drink too. The best was the rojak but had to queue for 25 minutes today.